about us

We're Jennifer Decker and Lisa-Jae Eggert, creators of 3 Moms Organics.


Our story begins when our families were hit hard with tick borne diseases. With rising and expanding tick populations, it became abundantly clear to us that we needed to be proactive in protecting our families from tick bites and the diseases they carry. We have two really active families and we didn't want to stop exploring the outdoors. But we needed to keep our families safe!


What's more important to Moms than protecting the health and welfare of their families?  The answer is absolutely


One day over a cup of tea (or two), we were discussing this tremendous and ever growing problem of finding a chemical free product that actually worked. We started brainstorming. Nothing can stop two Moms on a mission! We decided to combine our essential oil expertise with our knowledge of insects to produce an extremely effective, nature-based  DEET~ Free repellent. After many long months and plenty of sleepless nights (using the kitchen as our laboratory), we finally came up with the perfect blend that smells fantastic and is extremely effective.  Thus TickWise was born!

Tickwise has been proven 100% effective both in field testing and in a national laboratory. Results don't lie!

If you are now wondering who the 3rd Mom is, don't.  The 3rd Mom is YOU!  We are all in this battle against ticks and mosquitoes together. We want to help keep your families SAFE too. We are a team!  SO PICK UP YOUR BOTTLE TODAY!




Jennifer Decker



Lisa-Jae Eggert


P.O. Box 3063

East Hampton NY 11937


about Lisa-jae (L-J)

Lisa-Jae has a background in science. She studied

entomology, earth science and horticulture. For 5 years, she did field work for the Bronx Zoo studying turtles on the East End of Long Island.  She has 2 teenagers - one loves sports and one loves nature. L-J also volunteers for local wildlife rescue groups (No ticks there....NOT!). These activities expose the family to a crazy about of ticks and their habitats. 

about jennifer

Jennifer has many years of knowledge in the benefits of blending essential oils and using them for health-related issues to create a better, more natural lifestyle. Jennifer and her husband have 3 small children whom are extremely active (you should see her calendar!). TickWise is so important to keep her active family on the move and safe from ticks and biting insects. Jennifer also is an advocate for Dyslexia.  Dyslexia awareness  is near and dear to her heart as she watches her son thrive after getting the proper interventions and help in place.