Frequently asked questions

Can I use this on my dogs/horses?

Yes TickWise can be used safely on dogs and horses. We always suggest that you check with your veterinarian before you use ANY repellents on you dog or horse. We suggest doing a small test patch area on your dogs/horse to check for irritation. Some dogs/horses, like people, have sensitive skin. We suggest that you spray TickWise on your hands first and then rub down the dogs/horses legs and belly. Animals have a much more sophisticated sense of smell and we don't want to overwhelm their senses. If your dog/horse shows any signs of irritation please wash the area off with soap and water and consult your vet.

How often do I reapply?

Apply every 1.5 hours (90minutes). Our scientific data from efficacy testing, states that TickWise is 100% effective for ticks and mosquitoes up to 1 1/2 hours, when used as directed.

Can I use this product on my infant?

Even though our product is made with therapeutic all natural essential oils with little to no age restrictions, we recommend that you do not use ANY repellents directly on the skin infants. Instead we recommend that you spray their hats, pants, socks and shoes. DO NOT SPRAY ON THE HANDS OF ANY CHILD. Children tend to put their hands in and mouth and rub their eyes. Some children may have very delicate skin and may have a sensitivity to some essential oils. If you decide to use repellent on very small children, we suggest that you first seek the advice of your child's medical professional. If you do use on your child and irritation occurs, please discontinue use and wash with soap and water.

Should I use TickWise as our only tick prevention on our dog?

No we do not suggest this. This is a short acting product and meant to be used on short walks to discourage ticks from being attracted to your dog and then clinging to its coat. We suggest TickWise to be used with other tick preventative measures including, but not limited to, a tick collar, topical shoulder blade applications or oral medications given to you by prescription from your veterinarian.

Can I use TickWise on my cat?

NO! Cats lack an enzyme in their liver that does not break down essential oils. The oils then build up in their system and become toxic to the cat. The use of ANY product with essential oils is very dangerous for a cat.

Does TickWise attract bees?

Good morning! No it doesn’t because it doesn’t have the floral scents like rose or lavender! I have a friend who is allergic to bees, so when we developed the product we had her in mind. We also have friends with the meat allergy (from ticks) and designed it around them as well.