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Karen Powers, East Northport, NY

"This product works!! I love it! I have bought 3 bottles and recently used it at Hamptons Christian Fellowship kids camp. I shared with fellow volunteers and people attending, they all loved it and no bug/ tick bites!! đź’—"

Claudia Lent Ortmann, East Hampton, NY

"Thank you so much for working hard to develop this product and bring it to our community and beyond. We seriously never leave home with out a small bottle tucked in our bags and I just sent some spray to my daughter in Florida, who isn’t battling ticks (yet) but is using this spray for other nasty biting insects. Thank you again"

Kathleen Crowley-Massapequa, NY

"Skeptic turned believer !!! I went on a week long camping trip with my family and I used tick wise insect repellent the entire trip and at the end of 5 days I realized I did not get bit once ! This is the real deal . Light and clean . Highly recommend!!!! I even keep one in the car !"

Michael Lynch- Fort Solonga, NY

"My daughter is a liver transplant patient and has a suppressed immune system; glad to use this product which limits the amount of chemicals she is subjected to..."

Hollie Parkins- Tygsboro, MA

"Smells good, so far so good! Have been using on my dog and haven’t found anything so far. Great product for a great price!"


Michael Gains- CW Arborists Tree Care Specialist- Sagaponack, NY

"Amazing response from insects!!! Avoided me like the plague-"

Jeremy Gould- East Hampton, NY

"Work for East Hampton shellfish hatchery and alway suffered through gnat bites and mosquito bites. Since I started using tick wise I can stand in a swarm of them an not experience a single bite. It is a great product and has been a relief to have a product that works, thank you"

 Natalia -Verified purchaser- USA

"Love this stuff!! It smells amazing! And it works!! AND these moms are from my home town! I carry this stuff with me everywhere. I live in Long Island NY and the ticks are terrible. I have 2 kids and this works great. Plus I have a land surveyor as a husband and he gives it a thumbs up. This is a guy who used to come home with ticks everyday, but not any more!"

Greenline Fenway- USA

"Bought this for a trip into the Blue Ridge and up to New England knowing the ticks are intense! My husband mocked me and the kids for using this and after 2 weeks he remained the only one to have a tick on him twice! Worked great on our dog too! Smell is pretty strong but guess that’s why it works."

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