Are ticks still dangerous in the winter?

The answer is YES!

As long as temperatures are above freezing, ticks

are active in and around leaf litter. 

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What our users are saying:

"This product works!! I love it! I have bought 3 bottles and recently used it at Hamptons Christian Fellowship kids camp. I shared with fellow volunteers and people attending, they all loved it and no bug/ tick bites!! 💗"

Karen Powers-East Northport, NY

"Thank you so much for working hard to develop this product and bring it to our community and beyond. We seriously never leave home with out a small bottle tucked in our bags and I just sent some spray to my daughter in Florida, who isn’t battling ticks (yet) but is using this spray for other nasty biting insects. Thank you again"

Claudia Lent Ortmann- East Hampton, NY

"Skeptic turned believer !!! I went on a week long camping trip with my family and I used tick wise insect repellent the entire trip and at the end of 5 days I realized I did not get bit once ! This is the real deal . Light and clean . Highly recommend!!!! I even keep one in the car !"

Kathleen Crowley-Massapequa, NY

"My daughter is a liver transplant patient and has a suppressed immune system; glad to use this product which limits the amount of chemicals she is subjected to..."

Michael Lynch- Fort Solonga, NY

"Smells good, so far so good! Have been using on my dog and haven’t found anything so far. Great product for a great price!"

Hollie Parkins- Tygsboro, MA

"Amazing response from insects!!! Avoided me like the plague-"

Michael Gains- CW Arborists Tree Care Specialist- Sagaponack, NY

"Work for East Hampton shellfish hatchery and alway suffered through gnat bites and mosquito bites. Since I started using tick wise I can stand in a swarm of them an not experience a single bite. It is a great product and has been a relief to have a product that works, thank you"

Jeremy Gould- East Hampton, NY

"Love this stuff!! It smells amazing! And it works!! AND these moms are from my home town! I carry this stuff with me everywhere. I live in Long Island NY and the ticks are terrible. I have 2 kids and this works great. Plus I have a land surveyor as a husband and he gives it a thumbs up. This is a guy who comes home with ticks everyday."

 Natalia -Verified purchaser- USA

"Bought this for a trip into the Blue Ridge and up to New England knowing the ticks are intense! My husband mocked me and the kids for using this and after 2 weeks he remained the only one to have a tick on him twice! Worked great on our dog too! Smell is pretty strong but guess that’s why it works."

Greenline Fenway- USA

We are 100% Epa Compliant and ready to sell in EVERY state!!  


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